Swingshift Big Band

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The individual musicians in Swingshift have impressive credentials with varied musical backgrounds.


    • John

      John Alto Saxophone

      A music graduate of the University of Birmingham, John studied clarinet with Colin Parr. As a classical musician, John has worked with the Northern Wind Orchestra, National Concert Orchestra and British Clarinet Ensemble, but is now more likely to be found plying his preferred trade in the jazz clubs of the North West. John is a committed jazz educator, directing the Liverpool Youth Jazz Orchestra from its inception in 1994.

    • Kate

      Kate Alto Saxophone

      Kate's musical career began at an early age when she started playing the piano at the age of four and then took up flute a few years later. In her teenage years, Kate played principal flute with the Liverpool Youth Orchestra and toured both Hungary and Prague. She was the pianist for many musical productions and ensembles. In 2002, Kate went onto obtain a BA Honours in Music at The University of Liverpool and in 2007, a MSc in Health Informatics.

      Kate plays principal flute with Maghull Wind Orchestra which she joined in 2005. Inspired after a few years of not playing much music and becoming great friends with Phil, Kate took up saxophone and became a regular Swingshift dep in the sax section. Kate plays alto saxophone in Saxophobia, a saxophone quartet and soprano saxophone with the North West Saxophone Choir.

      Kate joined the Swingshift rhythm section in 2012 on piano, and moved onto Alto in 2015.

    • Phil

      Phil Shotton Tenor Saxophone

      Phil Shotton is a Saxophonist, Clarinettist, Flautist, Conductor, Band Leader and Educator. Phil regularly performs alongside many national and international jazz artists and has appeared at major jazz festivals, venues and music festivals throughout the country and abroad.

      A talented bandleader and conductor, Phil can provide bespoke ensembles for any occasion, and comperes events fluently, eloquently and with great humour! Phil has vast experience in music education as an instrumental teacher, conductor and leader of various workshops and masterclasses.

      For more information about Phil and his projects, please visit www.philshottonmusic.co.uk.

      You can also follow Phil on Twitter @ShottonMusic

    • Karoline

      Karoline Tenor Saxophone

      Originally from Yorkshire, Karoline (mis-)spent her youth playing baritone sax in various big bands in the south west, before heading to Gloucestershire and playing with all kinds of ensembles, favourites being top Cheltenham band Blue & the Rude Tubes and Gloucester soul group Bits & Splitz.

      A stint with top freelance horn section The Little Big Horns was cut short when Karoline legged to New Orleans to let the good times roll... Her visa up, and with a uni place up for grabs, she headed home to study and get a Proper Job, and somehow left her saxes to gather dust…

      …roll on a few years and she rediscovered her instruments in a wardrobe, finding she a) had a tenor sax and b) could almost play it. She was delighted to be invited to join Swingshift in 2008, replacing Alison Benson as Phil's right-hand girl. Alison still keeps in touch, playing with Phil, Karoline, and other current and former Swingshifters in sax group Saxophobia.

    • Trevor

      Trevor Baritone Saxophone

      Trev started playing the clarinet at the age of 11, moving onto sax at 18. He now works as a chartered cival engineer managing the construction of large projects around the UK.

      Trev has been in Swingshift since the very beginning and finds music a nice sideline to keep busy at the weekends.


    • Trevor

      Trevor Trumpet

      Trevor has been playing the trumpet since the age of 11. He joined Swingshift at the very beginning in 2001.

      When not playing music he likes to drive his classic car.

    • Phil

      Phil Trumpet

      Phil (the tallest member of the band) started his musical adventure on the cornet at the age of 11 (he does not like mentioning his short-lived career as a pianist before that!) with a Brass Band. Enjoying performing so much he also begged his parents for a trumpet and soon after joined Cambridgeshire County Youth Orchestra. Phil loved helping out in various local Brass Bands and with a place at Salford University in his bag, he went on tour to Hungary with the Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra.
      In Salford University he studied with Brian Taylor and started his conducting career with Tottington Band which culminated in a tour to Philadelphia, USA. After completing a PGCE in Music at Edge Hill University, he worked in Secondary Education for 10 years helping to facilitate tours to Europe and China, and currently is an Independent Tutor for Brass and Percussion. He enjoys co-directing Sefton Schools Wind Orchestra with Phil Shotton.

    • Danielle

      Danielle Trumpet

      Danielle is a local teacher. Her jazz career started when she was a member of Sefton Youth Jazz Orchestra, she was also a member of the Sefton Youth Orchestra. She now plays for Swingshift on trumpet.

    • Andy

      Andy Trumpet

      Andy's family background is very musical, grandparents, parents, brothers and now children all have varying levels of musical talent. Andy started playing the trumpet age 10 and have enjoyed making music with differing levels of musicianship over many years.
      He joined Swingshift in 2001, and since then Andy has seen the band greatly improved; mainly due to Phil's encouraging and knowledgable musical directorship.

      "It's always a pleasure to play with such talented and friendly musicians, we all have fun,and long may it continue!"


    • Bill

      Bill Trombone

      Before his retirement, Bill was a brass tutor for Sefton Music Support Service. He has joined Swingshift on lead trombone to teach the rest of the trombone section how it should be done...his first lesson being how to correctly hold a pint of beer!

    • Christopher

      Christopher Trombone

      Christopher graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2004, and works in IT for Aintree Hospital. He comes from a very musical family and started playing piano, trumpet and percussion when he was six years old. He was a member of various Sefton Music Service youth bands including the Jazz Orchestra, Brass Band, Percussion Group and Youth Choir. Christopher is also a member of Maghull Wind Orchestra where he is lead trombonist and the band secretary.

      Although Christopher has a great passion for music, his biggest passion is all things sci-fi, especially Star Trek.

      Live Long and Prosper.

    • Corinne

      Corrine Trombone

      Corinne started performing jazz when she was a member of the Sefton Youth Jazz Orchestra. She graduated from the University of Bristol after studying French and Music. After depping for a few months in 2015, she joined Swingshift as a fully fledged member in 2016.

    • Adam

      Adam Trombone

      Adam took up the trombone at 7, progressing through various Sefton Youth ensembles before earning both BA (Hons) and Mres (Master of Research) degrees in Music from Keele University, and a PGCE in Secondary Music from Edge Hill. Adam is currently Head of Music at Maghull High School and performs regularly as a low brass specialist and bass guitarist with various ensembles around the North West and Midlands.

      Adam has been a regular guest player for Swingshift since 2012, before joining full time at the end of 2013. He is delighted to be part of a hard working, talented and immensely fun band!

rhythm section

    • Dr Tom

      Tom Piano

      Tom joined Swingshift when it was first formed on the bass guitar, and then moved onto piano. After a sabbatical to study for and obtain his PhD, Dr Tom has returned to Swingshift on piano.


    • Jamie

      Jamie Bass

      Having known Phil since their days together in the Sefton Youth Jazz Orchestra, Jamie spends the rest of his time teaching and playing in various groups including Glowrogues, Apes Grapes and Boomerang Parlour. Although a bass player since age 14 (having previously dabbled with the violin) and having performed in an alternative rock band throughout his 20s supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro, his focus on music became serious in his early 30s after deciding to return to education, studying popular music at the Royal Northern College of Music.

    • Jez

      Jez Drums

      Jez started playing drums when part of a marching band aged 13, and was soon introduced to big band music by his teacher Alan. He saw the Rich Big Band, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Kenton, Woody Herman at a young age, but never got the chance to sit in with a big band until his mid 40's, through a mutual friend and member of the band.

      He says Swingshift is the highlight of his drumming career, allowing him to develop as a player and musician. He has also made some lifelong friendships within the band, which is an added bonus.

      "The band is going from strength to strength, learning from the input of the great soloists who come to Southport to play at the Clifton with us, and from some of the great players we have in our midst.
      Long may it last !!"


    • Chris James

      Chris James

      Chris has been singing and performing for over 10 years with an inexorable passion for the stage. To further his skills Chris gained a place in some of the best performing arts universities in the country including The Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts and The Bristol Institute Of Modern Music.

      Influenced from his all time favourite artist, Frank Sinatra, Chris has become one of the best crooners on the scene with a voice reminiscent of the all time greats. His mastery of the classics, exuberant personality and star-like charisma will leave you truly enchanted.



    • Doreen


      Doreen is a great help with the organisation of Swingshift Big Band from providing tea and biscuits at rehearsals to storing and sorting music; she ensures a lot of the organisation work gets done (including ironing Phil's shirts!!).

    • Ian


      Ian helps by being the band roadie, and taking fabulous photos at rehearsals and gigs.

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